Below, is a collection of my projects…

Software: Articulate Rise
GoGuardian Teacher Training

This is a training created for teachers with little to no experiencing using the Classroom Web Filtering software called GoGuardian.

Job Aid

This project was completed during my graduate program. The directions were to make a job aid (poster) applying the Multimedia Learning Principles. This specific Job Aid was designed for an Instructional Designer to reference when using the Keller ARCS motivational strategy.

Software: Google Docs
Evaluation Project

In this group project, my partners and I worked with a SME/client at Frankenmuth Insurance Company. Using Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of Evaluation, we conducted a formative evaluation of the company’s on-boarding “Agent Academy” training program for insurance sales agents.

Software: Google Slides, Loom Video Recorder
Google Classroom Cheat Sheet

This is a Google Slide that I designed for staff, students and parents who were unfamiliar with navigating Google Classroom during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Software: Adobe Photoshop
User Interface Design

On this project, I was asked to design a mock website interface applying the principles of User Interface Design such as Fitt’s Law and Divine Proportion.

Powerpoint Slide Re-Design

In this project, I was asked to re-design a poorly designed instructional slide, applying the multimedia principles.

Software: Adobe Captivate
Rapid eLearning Project

This is a project that I created for teachers at Coastal Christian High School in Wilmington, NC on how to use Google Forms to create and deliver assessments to their students during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic.

Software: Articulate 360
Learning to Tell Time

In this project, my partner and I collaborated applying the ADDIE framework for Instructional Design in order to design a mini-course for students learning to tell time in a local/rural school district.

Poster Design Projects

In this gallery, you will find a variety of posters that I created in a User Experience Design course.