Below, is a collection of my projects that I have completed during my graduate program…

Job Aid

This project was completed during my graduate program. The directions were to make a job aid (poster) applying the Multimedia Learning Principles. This specific Job Aid was designed for an Instructional Designer to reference when using the Keller ARCS motivational strategy.

Software: Google Docs
Evaluation Project

In this group project, my partners and I worked with a SME/client at Frankenmuth Insurance Company. Using Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of Evaluation, we conducted a formative evaluation of the company’s on-boarding “Agent Academy” training program for insurance sales agents.

Software: Google Slides, Loom Video Recorder
Google Classroom Cheat Sheet

This is a Google Slide that I designed for staff, students and parents who were unfamiliar with navigating Google Classroom during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Software: Adobe Photoshop
User Interface Design

On this project, I was asked to design a mock website interface applying the principles of User Interface Design such as Fitt’s Law and Divine Proportion.

Powerpoint Slide Re-Design

In this project, I was asked to re-design a poorly designed instructional slide, applying the multimedia principles.

Software: Adobe Captivate
Rapid eLearning Project

This is a project that I created for teachers at Coastal Christian High School in Wilmington, NC on how to use Google Forms to create and deliver assessments to their students during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic.

Software: Articulate 360
Learning to Tell Time

In this project, my partner and I collaborated applying the ADDIE framework for Instructional Design in order to design a mini-course for students learning to tell time in a local/rural school district.

Poster Design Projects

In this gallery, you will find a variety of posters that I created in a User Experience Design course.

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