Post 3: What makes an “Adult Learner” an Adult?

As I discussed in my most recent post the topic of andragogy and how it refers to adult learners, I came across the following question:

What makes an “Adult Learner an adult?”

In the United States, a child legally becomes an adult at the age of eighteen. However, there is a chance that many of these so-called “children” must take on adult responsibilities before actually reaching the age of eighteen.

On the other hand, there are people in the United States who are legally considered to be adults but do not have the same set of responsibilities as an average adult may have.

A few examples of the adult responsibilities that I refer to are maintaining a job, paying bills and raising children.

During our analysis when designing instruction, when we consider adult learners, we need to consider the life experience of individuals rather than the actual number of years in which one has lived.

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