Post 1: Graduate Goals

As I begin my third (and final) year as a graduate student in UNC Wilmington’s Instructional Technology program, there are a few goals that I would like to accomplish:

Goal 1: Create a Web Portfolio

Purpose: To exhibit the work and projects that I have completed for my classes, contract positions, and current position as Instructional Technology Facilitator that involves a fair amount of EdTech Coaching.

Goal 2: Create/Edit Professional Social Media Accounts

Purpose: To meet (and learn from) other professionals in the industry, potentially meet future employers and provide multiple access points to my web portfolio as well as my work. To begin, I will most likely use LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Goal 3: Blog

Purpose: To begin writing/blogging about my life and work as I attempt to transition from the role of a IT Facilitator/Teacher to the role of an Instructional Designer. My entries will include different topics that I am studying in the program, different software and hardware that I use/learn to create instruction, balancing my life as a husband/father/student/employee, steps I take to transition from K-12 education to a higher education, corporate, or government setting (I have yet to decide which route I will pursue), and anything else that may inspire my design.

I hope that completing these goals will assist those who are in similar positions as they transition into the role of an Instructional Designer.

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